We got contribution 1003RMB

12/08/13 14:05 by Achilles Xu

Thanks for people who support Perl and us.

The conference is over.

11/08/13 02:01 by Achilles Xu

The conference is over today. Thanks for our talkers, sponsors and listeners. See you next year.

Schedule is out & please submit Lighting talks

06/08/13 14:51 by Qiang Li (‎Qiang‎)

As always, it is out a bit late. sorry about that.

And If you don't want to give a lengthy talk but have something to share, why not try to give a lighting talk? Please submit!

Pre-Conference dinner on this friday

06/08/13 14:35 by Qiang Li (‎Qiang‎)

This friday 7:30pm @ Yuxin Chuan cai restaurant near Jianguomen subway station, web: http://www.dianping.com/shop/508382

please send your confirmation to mobile 158.1088.0868 or qiang AT perlchina.org if you would like to attend.

DeNA join in as a sponsor

31/07/13 19:20 by Achilles Xu

DeNA join in as a sponsor

The conference address has changed to Vontone Center

31/07/13 11:33 by Achilles Xu

please check out here: http://conference.perlchina.org/bjpw2013/location.html

Talkers, please send me your ppt ASAP

31/07/13 11:29 by Achilles Xu

please send them to formalin14@gmail.com, accepted format are .ppt or .notes or .pdf.

13 topics submitted now!

30/07/13 10:02 by Achilles Xu

13 topics submitted now! Details at http://conference.perlchina.org/bjpw2013/talks.

More submits still welcome.


07/06/13 11:11 by Achilles Xu


ExtMail 加入赞助

07/06/13 11:11 by Achilles Xu



06/06/13 10:03 by Achilles Xu

新浪已同意赞助大会的直播工作。直播链接会在大会举行前释出。感谢 @光普无言