All talk videos including lighting and most of the slides are online!

07/07/11 13:40 by Qiang Li (‎Qiang‎)

visiting this page Thanks to ku6 again!

for slides just check the talk page and there should have a url linked to the slides. Only two slides missing (p2p and chinacache hadoop & logging system) and i am going after the speakers now :)

Workshop is over

03/07/11 10:24 by Qiang Li (‎Qiang‎)

Workshop is finally over! I had a really good sleep last night. :) much of the panics are gone. We have around 100 people showed up. That's not bad since both myself and Achilles didn't have enough time to prepare and spread the event.

met some interesting people and had a blast during the lighting talks(9 in total and very entertaining!)

got the next year workshop sponsorships(two japanese compaies) nailed! both mixi japan and dena are expanding to china and hiring. So We will most likely have another workshop next year(shanghai or beijing).

Also thanks to all speakers and volunteers(Galf, Nomas and others I didn't get time to talk to) to help make this workshop together. especially Achilles :)

all talk videos will be available at soonish..

so see you all next year!

-- Qiang

live streaming is live :)

02/07/11 10:25 by Qiang Li (‎Qiang‎)

please go try it out. the main room(perlchina) will have talk most of the day except the lunch time.

live streaming all talks!

01/07/11 17:54 by Qiang Li (‎Qiang‎)

Just got a new sponsorship - ku6 that we will get live streaming for all talks. turn in tomorrow 10am at live streaming We will release the broadcast adress as soon as we get it.

schedule is out!

30/06/11 22:14 by Qiang Li (‎Qiang‎)

Sorry for the late release. The overdue schedule is finally out!

Pre-workshop dinner

30/06/11 00:46 by Qiang Li (‎Qiang‎)


We are organizing a pre-workshop dinner on Friday 7:30pm at

restaurant name: 渝信川菜(工体店)
address: 朝阳区春秀路幸福一村西里甲5号

come join us!

Call me if you are lost 158.1088.0868