Q: Is the conference free of charge?
A: Yes. Thanks to the sponsors, everyone can participate.

Q: How to register?
A: Complete registration for the conference on this web site. If you already have registered for the 2008 conference, then log in and register.

Q: I cannot attend the conference, how do I cancel registration?
A: Please log in to edit your profile, then click Delete Beijing Perl Workshop registration.

Q: I would like to sponsor.
A: Thank you! Please write an email to conference@perlchina.org

Q: I'm only a beginner in Perl, can I attend anyway?
A: Of course, the conference to open to all interested friends of Perl.

Q: What is a lightning talk?
A: As the name suggests, a talk of very short time up to 5 minutes. Very suitable for a first-time speech. It is generally on the last day of the conference. Topics: presenting own ideas, or finding like-minded views, or recommending a technology etc.

Q: I'd like to give a talk, but never have done so before, what do you suggest?
A: ............ A couple of examples for the topic:

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