Perl 自动化测试的神奇

By Yichun Zhang (‎agentzh‎)
Date: Saturday, 19 September 2009 10:25
Duration: 40 minutes
Language: 中文
Tags: testing 测试

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准备先介绍一下进行测试集对项目开发的重要意义,再介绍一下最基本的基于 Test::More 的测试脚本的写法,然后快速进入高级主题,介绍基于 Perl 的测试技术在我参与过的或者我看到的一些有趣项目中的应用,比如 Perl 5/Perl 6 官方测试集、一个 Perl 6 正则引擎实现 Pugs::Compiler::Rule、OpenResty web service 项目、 Haskell 实现的 minisql 编译器项目、基于 WebKit 的网页抽取器项目、我的一个 IA-32 反汇编器实现的测试集等等。

I'll first cover the significance of automated testing for projects in general, and then I'll introduce the basic usage of the Test::More module and basic test script coding. After that, I'll quickly move to advanced topics of Perl testing, including the test suite of Perl 5/Perl 6, testing of Pugs::Compiler::Rule (the test suite of an implementation of Perl 6 regex engine), testing of OpenResty (a web service platform), testing of the minisql compiler project written in Haskell, testing of webpage information extraction system based on WebKit, and testing of one of my IA-32 disassembler.

Attended by: Ayla Zhang (‎Ayla‎), Fancy, Ryan Cooper, White andy, Wei Zhou, 昊 吴, bingnan, Marcus, 李 明,