Thanks for attending Beijing Perl/Postgresql Workshop

09/11/08 13:38 by Qiang Li (‎Qiang‎)

Thanks everyone for attending this workshop!

Thanks also go to workshop volunteers: flw, xunxin, helper, yuting and his yahoo colleges and other people who I can't name... Final thanks go to our sponsors: Asiacom, Thunip Union, Zorpia, Oreilly, APress, Sina, Intel and InfoQ

Currently we are working on the following things and please keep an eye on the workshop page.

1. collect all slides and put them on workshop page

2. process the videos and offer download/watch online.

3. preparing Beijing Perl Monger

This workshop is organized in merely 2 months. There are probably many things that we didn't do it right, please let us know and help us to run a better workshop next year.

Also, Please blog about us and post pictures about the workshop. We need more publicity!

I hope to see you in the workshop again next year. Zai Jian!