The Essential PostgreSQL Conf

Robert Treat
日期: 2008/11/08 15:50
时段: 40 分
语言: English
标签: postgres


Everyone knows that to get the most performance out of your database, you have to tune it correctly. For most this task is daunting; the postgresql.conf file is now approaching 200 configuration options; and worse is that many of the options have poor defaults. The good news is that you don't really need to study all of the options to get good performance, you can get by on about 20 of them. In this talk we'll discuss the most important options available and how to tune them correctly for your server.

参加人: 萧 少聪, 静 刘, fire9, 辰雄 齐, 伟光 李, yoyo, D.L.Liu, Haisheng Hu (‎hanson2010‎), Ming Zhang,