Perl, Outsourcing and China

By Chris Davaz
Date: Saturday, 8 November 2008 16:20
Duration: 20 minutes
Language: English
Tags: china outsourcing perl

You can find more information on the speaker's site:

1 Introduce myself
2 Thanks to the Perl community
3 Thanks to the sponsors of this event
4 The current state of the outsourcing industry in China
4.1 Give some figures about overall growth of the industry
5 The current state of Perl education in China
5.1 Discuss the lack of universities teaching Perl
5.2 Discuss attitudes towards Perl (old, dead language)
5.3 Change is coming
6 A success story
6.1 Talk about my team and our relationship with Ticketmaster, a company with a strong Perl
7 The Future
7.1 Discuss preparedness for the future (increase in outsourcing projects means higher demand
for Perl programmers within China)
7.2 Perl 6, a fresh start for Perl

Attended by: Marcus, Wei Zhou, yf yang, Jun Zhang, Qi Sun (‎Ray‎), 胜 马, Frank Li, yoyo, 臻 陈, Carl Jia, Ayla Zhang (‎Ayla‎), Johnson Wang, lee, Wei Li, Wei Wei, Fang Liang (‎Jennifer‎), Baodong Yu, 剑雄 李 (‎J.J.‎), Ming Zhang, D.L.Liu, fire9, 昶 冯, 辰雄 齐, 伟光 李, CGI.NET, sleetdrop, Jinjiang Zhao, yuhui zhao (‎sunshine‎),