Perl Slang

By 剑雄 李 (‎J.J.‎)
Lightning talk
Language: English
Tags: perl slang

Perl is more a slang than a formal language. It's not like C++ or JAVA. It looks strange, but this is why it's interesting. A slang is always brilliant. It chose simplest way to express difficult things. Perl for example, chose the simplest way to realize OOP, too. Programming with Perl is a wonderful thing. You won't feel like you're working, but talking. I want to show that how I love Perl through the lightning talk.

Attended by: Fang Liang (‎Jennifer‎), 伟光 李, 剑雄 李 (‎J.J.‎), yuhui zhao (‎sunshine‎), 胜 马,