Prophet - A peer to peer replicated property database

Jesse Vincent 来自
日期: 2008/11/08 11:10
时段: 40 分
语言: English
标签: database p2p prophet web2.0


Prophet is a new 'distributed database' designed for post-web-2.0 applications.

With Prophet, it's easy to build custom database applications and synchronize their data with your friends and coworkers - all without a central server.

Prophet supports arbitrary topology synchronization and has an advanced conflict resolution database which helps make sure that the entire database 'network' works its way to consistency even when disconnected users make conflicting choices about conflict resolution.

In this talk, Jesse will present the Prophet architecture and demonstrate how to build an adaptor to synchronize Prophet with a web 2.0 database-backed application.

参加人: Wei Wei, 林 黄, 萧 少聪, 昶 冯, Ming Zhang, lobatt, Jun Zhang, Marcus, Carl Jia, yoyo, 剑雄 李 (‎J.J.‎), 静 刘, Peng Wu, sleetdrop, Jinjiang Zhao,