Everything but the secret sauce

Jesse Vincent 来自 London.pm
日期: 2008/11/08 15:00
时段: 40 分
语言: English


Over the past two years, we've built Hiveminder.com - a Web 2.0 collaborative task manager. Along the way, we've built dozens of cool tools you can uses as part of your own product. We'll walk through everything from Shipwright (our build system) to Hiveminder's amazing feedback box.

Topics we'll cover include:

* Streamlining your CSS and Javascript distribution
* Painless date parsing
* Jifty::DBI, an Object Relational Mapper with style
* Halos for your web framework
* Tools to get better feedback from your users
* Shipwright, a tool to version, package and distribute your application and its dependencies
* A new IMAP server designed for custom applications
* Ways to integrate your application with the tools your users actually use
* The Jifty web framework

参加人: 昶 冯, 剑雄 李 (‎J.J.‎), Jun Zhang, 伟光 李, Yichun Zhang (‎agentzh‎), sleetdrop, Johnson Wang, 萧 少聪, Peng Wu, Wei Zhou, Baodong Yu, Marcus, 静 刘, George Xie (‎georgexsh‎), Jinjiang Zhao,